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Landscape Services


Wildbud Natives provides landscape services for residential, commercial, and natural settings with the following principles in design, planting, and maintenance: 


In nature, plants don't normally occur in isolation, but rather grow in communities of many species.  There is very little open space or open, exposed soil in nature.  In both planting and growing practices, Wildbud seeks to mimic nature as much as possible with the primary goal of having healthy, functional plants and plantings.  We strive to work within the context of your site- both limitations and opportunities- to ensure that the plants we install will be healthy and functional in that location.  


When you hire us to design or consult your landscape, it is your property.  It is very important to us to ensure that you are pleased with your landscape.  To fulfill this goal, our consultation services attempt to give you an accurate assessment of your site.  This way, we can do our best to ensure that the plantings we install for you will be healthy, functional, and beautiful all season.


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Landscape Services

CONSULTATION: Wildbud provides consultation and landscape design services for both exterior and interior locations. Contact us for more information.  Starting at $75/hr. 

INSTALLATION: Coming soon - call for details.

MAINTENANCE: Coming soon - call for details.